About Independent Street

The Independent Street Story

Lisa Cowley, developed the Independent Street brand after seven years experience in the industry.

Independent Street organises a series of monthly and one off events alongside councils, business groups, large corporate clients and communities.

Independent Street champions local independent businesses and produce. We aim to provide a platform for small businesses to showcase to their local community.

It is a superb opportunity to find out the origins of your food, meet our makers and bakers, feast your eyes upon some goodies and fill those shopping bags whilst indulging in some good old conversations with our team and traders. 

What we do

We take great pride in delivering eclectic specialist events with many award winning local producers of unique goods set to inspire. 

We are incredibly passionate about creating opportunities for new business and enterprise.

Encourage Collaboration

Independent Street works alongside councils and hospitality venues to ensure events are a well thought-out, put together and curated. Something which encompasses the spirit of the local community and an event the whole town can enjoy.

Generate Awareness

Our events generate footfall and increase awareness for our host site through our extensive marketing and presence on social media.

Provide Opportunities

Our events provide the opportunity for greater footfall for local business in the towns and villages where we showcase.

Community Focus

We work with the permanent retailers in the area, the community groups, local producers, musicians and residents to ensure an event the whole community can enjoy and benefit from.

Our host site becomes ‘the’ destination on event day for local people and also attracts visitors from further afield.

We take great pride in bringing the community together. We love to create buzz, atmosphere and add colour to our projects.

We love exploring new areas and towns and discovering the local artisans. Each event is tailored to its own unique location.

Pop along and join us!

Our events are highly thought of, high end, creative, inspirational, quality and family friendly.



"We are thrilled by the overwhelming response to Frodsham’s Artisan Market. The event not only highlighted the incredible talents of our local artisans but also showcased Frodsham as a vibrant destination for visitors. We are delighted to have brought new faces into our town and provided a platform for our existing businesses to thrive.”


Lisa - Director and Owner

Wife, Mummy, Former air hostess and Business Owner… I have a passion for supporting small businesses and see our events as an affordable platform for them to showcase to their local community.

After 7 years experience in the events industry, I wanted to develop a brand and company which nurtures traders and provides a positive platform of sales and marketing opportunities.

I adore to work with local business groups, retailers, councils and private corporate clients to regenerate town centres and find it very rewarding to see the positive results that our events bring.

Seeing the creative talents of our traders and chatting to our visitors – as well as managing our event social media – makes me feel extremely proud of the communities around us.

I pride myself on hard work and getting stuck in. Event days are long, tiring but run on laughter, a few coffees and fabulous teamwork.

I also enjoy thinking up creative and fun crafts that my own children would enjoy and sourcing suppliers and creatives to run complimentary workshops on market day – allowing the adults to relax knowing their little ones have also had a fab time visiting us.

Lynne - Event Manager

Never a more glamorous Event Manager than lovely Lynne. Even armed with a litter picker, bin bag and never without her red lipstick she looks like a super model. I have known Lynne for over 15 years where we first met at 21,000 feet whilst flying as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. We both swapped our wings for work closer to home that suits our busy mum lives. Lynne is quite possibly the nicest person you will ever meet, from trader arrival to the last litter pick as the sunsets, Lynne can’t do enough to help both traders and customers alike.

Penny - Event Manager

Also known as Penny Diamonds! Penny is one of our regular and long standing event managers. She has been involved in Independent Street from our launch and she knows our traders and events inside out. When she isn't on the golf course Penny can often be found at our markets. She is hard working, friendly and there is nothing that this lovely lady doesn't know about Diamonds!... Her former work has made her an expert in this field, be sure to ask her about the time she pierced David Beckham's ear! If you are a frequent visitor of our markets you will be sure to see Penny soon (Ironman not included!).

Jay - Events Manager

Quite possibly the coolest member of the team, Jay (alongside Trigger) can be found on our events when he is not running festivals in the UK and Worldwide. Jay is hands-on, rather good at driving a quad bike and gets stuck in with anything that the day throws at him. He is full of fun and we always love hearing his stories of his travels and his beautiful little boy and family. He will do anything for anyone and is always very popular amongst our artisan traders when he joins us.

Caroline - Event Manager

I have known Caroline for as long as I have been involved with Artisan Markets. I first met the lovely former Mrs Pie when I was actually a trader myself back in 2012. As a former artisan pie producer, Caroline knows and understands how it feels to be a trader on market day. This Lancashire Lass has great knowledge on everything from stallholder set up, to council food requirements and how to ensure our events run smoothly. Caroline loves a good natter with our team, when she moved on from her family pie business I wasted no time in bringing Caroline into Independent Street. She is a great asset to our little market community and is well loved amongst our artisans (Atticus the market cat - not included).

Stephanie - Event Manager

This lovely lady when she isn't busy with her animal rescue charity can be found offering her licensing and admin services to many businesses around the North West. We are very fortunate to have her as our Event Manager for The Chorlton Green Artisan Market. Stephanie knows this location and site inside out! Always full of fun and so hard working, we enjoy hearing her rescue stories and seeing what tiny creatures come to the market with her, many are too small to leave on their own and need feeding throughout the day.

Henry - Wellbeing Monitor

I’m Henry - The brains behind Independent Street. From sniffing out the best dog treats on the market, to quality control, bookkeeping and website updates, you name it I do it! Woof!