Social Media Tips for Traders

Get Social!

At Independent Street we work hard on our marketing and always try to promote the talented artisans who showcase with us. We would encourage you all to link in with us on the run up to market day.

As well as signage, press releases and leaflets we run a paid for social media campaign for each event. We also link in with local press, community groups and ensure that we do all we can to promote our events.

Tips for sharing

  • Share the artwork for the events which will be emailed to you.
  • Tag us in your posts so we can re-share.
  • Add us to your email and website blogs.
  • Copy and paste our posts to your own pages – this ensures the important details on event location, date and times are copied across.
  • The more shouting we can do for each event the better.
  • Buddy up with other traders and share and like each others posts – the more traffic we have the visitors we will encourage to pop along.

Trader Promotion

In the run up to each event: we will ask traders to post images of their items, please get involved with this and we will promote everyone in the run up to the day. If you have any images of your stall you would like us to share please share them!

On event day:  the team work very hard to photograph and video every aspect of event day. Event days are busy and hectic, we do our very best to include everyone on this marketing. Again please link in with us, share our artwork and tag us, this way we can always re-share.

Facebook Traders Group

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