Independent Street at Congleton Market Quarter

Exciting News! We will be running Independent Street at CMQ every Saturday from November 4th  – 4pm to 9pm.

We are delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with the team behind the brand new Congleton Market Quarter and we are set to run a series of weekly artisan markets alongside the new CMQ.
CMQ is perfectly situated between Princess Street and Mill Street. The team have been busy turning a set of derelict buildings into a thriving hub that the town will be proud of.
CMQ will host a collection of bars, eateries, artisan markets (that’s us), workspaces, residential and outdoor spaces that will bring people together and help the local economy thrive.
We are super excited to be onboard!
Congleton is historically a very old market town, in fact the history of markets goes back to 1282, when Congleton was given the right to have weekly markets and annual fairs. In the middle ages Fairs were like markets but only held once a year. People would come from all over Cheshire to buy and sell at the Congleton Fair. In the 16th and 17th Century bear- baiting was a popular ‘sport’ According to tradition in Congleton when a bear died some money that had been raised to buy a new bible was instead used to buy a new bear… which is why you might hear the town called Beartown.