Trader Terms & Conditions

By attending our events you are agreeing to Independents Streets requirements which are conditions of trade. Please ensure that you and your staff are aware of the requirements. 

Independent Street reserves the right to withdraw your booking or amend event details at any time.

These regulations apply to all Traders. Full compliance is expected and is a condition of the contract for the hire of a pitch at Independent Street LTD.

Trader Bookings and Payments

In order to protect the quality of all our events and fellow artisans, Traders are invited to apply and upon acceptance will be sent a username and password for booking and account access.

Some of our events are password protected further for our Regular Traders to book initially before we open up the bookings further.

Please do not pass the code on to fellow Traders who have not been accepted or do not hold an account with us. Anyone sharing codes will have their stall booking cancelled immediately and you may not be able to attend our markets in the future. 

All new Traders need to supply images of their stall set up, a full product list, social media links and confirm they have PL insurance in place plus other requirements and have read the T’s and C’s on our website.

All payments must be processed at time of booking via Stripe and on doing so the Trader automatically agrees to our terms and conditions.


Our events are outside events and Traders must accept the risk of bad weather. Refunds or transfers will not be given for bad weather provided the event continues to operate.

Bookings are confirmed on receipt of full payment at time of booking.

After this time cancellations will only be accepted if we are able to replace the stall holder and provided that cancellations are received by 4pm on the Monday prior to the event.

Any refunds processed will be minus the stripe processing fees and up to a maximum deduction of £5.

If the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather and strong winds and the event is cancelled on the grounds of safety reasons a transfer will be made of your stall fee to the next month’s date.

If you request a refund for cancelled events this will be at Independent Streets discretion and will be a percentage of the stall fee, taking into account the operators pre-event expenses and fees incurred via Stripe which could be up to £5.

Trading Hours

Most events trade 10am – 4pm Saturdays and 11am – 4pm Sundays.

Christmas and one-off events vary and trading times will be listed on your stall booking and set up instructions.

Traders are expected to trade for the duration of the event and out of respect to your fellow smallholders.

Any request to leave early or arrive late must be pre-authorised by the events manager on duty. Out of courtesy to your fellow Traders we ask you place a sell out sign on your stall and seek the advise from our market manager.

No vehicles may be bought onto site before the end of the events, this is on the grounds of public safety.

Layout of stalls

Layout will be issued prior to the event. If you have a request for a position, please contact Independent Street with 4 days prior to event day so these changes can be implemented in our layout.

Any changes in layout on event day must be authorised by the market manager.

Stall Presentation

We do not provide electricity at any events other than Burnley, and this is for hot food Traders only.

Approval to use a portable generator can only be given by Independent Street and only in exceptional circumstances.  If you are a hot food vendor or tea or coffee you must ideally run off gas.

Any electrical leads used must not obstruct walk ways and all equipment must be PAT tested. Any Traders running off gas must have gas safety certificates available and gas canisters should be caged and secured if outside the gazebo/vehicle/stall.

Stalls must be presented to a high level.

All own gazebos should be suitable for an outside event and sufficient weights must be used at all times.

Sandbag weights are preferred or specialist metal gazebo weights.

Stalls must be set up and close down within the specified times for each event.

Before leaving site Traders must remove all of their own rubbish and leave the area as they found it.

Offensive Words on Stalls

As a family friendly events business, we will expect any offensive words on artwork and products to be covered up with a censored sticker or blurred. If any artwork or products are deemed offensive Independent Street LTD reserves the right to ask you to remove those items.

Bad Weather

If the event is cancelled on the grounds of safety, this is usually due to strong wind speeds, independent street will notify all Traders via email and notify all visitors via social media channels. 

Events will not be cancelled due to rain alone and Traders should expect that as an outside events company we will operate in wet conditions.

Insurance and Trader Requirements

All Stalls

Minimum of £5million public liability insurance. It is your responsibility to keep this up to date.

In addition, if you employ staff you will also require employees liability insurance.

All stalls should have their insurance details available for spot checks at each event.

Risk assessments for your stall and stall area. Think about how you will keep you and your customers safe and minimise risk. For example, heavy lifting, trip hazards, weights on gazebos at all times, items do not obstruct walkways etc…

It is the Traders responsibility to ensure that their products confirm to the legislation for customer sales in the UK. This includes allergies for food and drinks, CLP labels for soaps, candles and home fragrances, and any pet foods and treats. Failure to label items correctly may mean you are unable to trade with these items.

Independent Street LTD does not allow the sale of any real fur products and any Trader found selling those items will be asked to take them off sale.

All goods must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local trading standards office for more details.

Food Stalls

Product lines and suitability of products agreed with organisers.

Products to display compliance with the relevant EU/British safety standards.

Food Stalls to be registered with Environmental Health and have requested an inspection from an environmental health officer.

It is vital that you are registered as a minimum and following form your inspection it is best practise to display your hygiene rating on your stall.

All open food items must be covered, and sneeze guards used.

All Traders to have adequate hand washing facilities on their stand – a flask of hot and cold water, hand soap and a washing bowl as minimum)

All food Traders to wear plastic gloves and tongs to be used.

Do not place any food waste items in our bins, it must be disposed of by yourselves.

Your local council can advise you on packaging requirements, weights and measures and what you should display regarding allergies.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all insurance and paperwork is kept up to date and should be available on your stall in case of spot checks.

Cool boxes – need to be checked for correct temperatures through market day and prior to serving.

Both Traders and music performers need to ensure their equipment has been PAT tested in the last 12 months and is suitable for purpose.

Hot Food Traders – are asked to run off gas and must have gas safety certificates available at all times.  All electrical leads must be within the confounds of your pitch space or suitably covered with appropriate cable coverings.

Alcohol Traders

You must hold a personal license to sell alcohol.

All sales of alcohol must be in accordance with Challenge 25 guidelines.


We are a caring team and create a nurturing environment for our Traders.

However very occasionally things don’t always go to plan. Any disputes between fellow Traders or our event staff must be bought to our attention on event day or following the event over email.

Aggressive behaviour, abusive language or refusing to comply with instructions from our event staff will not be tolerated and will lead to the Trader being asked to leave the event with immediate effect. No refund will be given in these circumstances.

Refusing to comply with a reasonable request from one of our event managers on event day will result in a written warning and could result in that Trader being banned from future Independent Street Events.

Any Trader operating poor practices or non-approved equipment that is a danger to health and safety will be asked to leave the event.

We do not accept any abusive language at any time.

Any disrespectful or abusive behaviour whether on event day, over email or through our social media channels will also result in termination from our events.

Lateness and No Shows

Whilst we appreciate things sometimes happen and lateness happens occasionally repeated lateness to our events is not accepted.

By not communicating your lateness / no show to our event managers whose phone number will be on your set up instructions could result in you being terminated from that event.

Repeated lateness and no shows of 3 times in a year could result in you losing your place on all Independent Street events.

Leaving the events early

Most events trade:

  • 10am – 4pm Saturdays
  • 11am – 4pm Sundays

Christmas and one-off events vary and will be listed on your stall booking.

Traders are expected to trade for the duration of the event and out of respect to your fellow smallholders.

Any request to leave early or arrive late must be pre authorised by the events manager on duty. Out of courtesy to your fellow Traders we ask you place a sell out sign on your stall and seek the advise from our market manager.

No vehicles may be bought onto site before the end of the events, this is on the grounds of public safety.


Smoking is not allowed next to or in-front of your stall area. If you need to smoke we respectfully ask that you leave the market area site and find an appropriate smoking area.


Independent Street LTD will follow all GDPR protocol regarding personal and business data.

Through our social media channels business names and images in the public domain will be shared as a way of marketing our events and your business.

Any data you provide to us will stay within our system until you request its removal.

Claims against Independent Street

The Trader acknowledges and agrees that Independent Street is not liable for any claims arising from:

Stock or property damage caused at any of our events.

Theft of the goods or other property of the Traders.

Injury, loss or damage suffered at Independent Street Events.

Any loss of earnings to the Trader if they are asked to leave our events or lack of future invitations.

Damage to or theft of the property of any persons at the events.